Things to do

While immersing yourself in all villas’ extravagance, you can even take part in a broad range of world-class activities - all within close distance and at very fair prices. You might look for one of the best surfing experience Bali has to offer, village walks to beginner’s yoga, or you seek a relaxing - luxurious time out.Our villa’s staff will have a wealth of information about nearby places of interest and will help arrange transportation and make any bookings required. In the meantime, here is a taste of the many things to do within reach of the villa.


  1. In - Villa wellness treatment and spiritual journey carriedand guided by our masters with compassion, sensitivity and love. The activities includes a selection or a combination of Healing Yoga, Chakra Meditation, Acupressure healing, traditional ‘cekian tarot card’ reading,    and Hypnotherapy Healing. Allcan be arranged at the villa based on your convenience time.
  2. Exploring the hidden gems of Bali on private car. In order to play it safe and comfortably it is best to hire a car with chauffeur or even a bus for larger groups from a professional and experienced company who work with trained and registered drivers. You can book organized tours or simply arrange the vehicle for a certain time and tell the driver where you want to go.
  3. Enjoy qualify food at affordable prices. There are so many places to eat at that have high quality, delicious and reasonably cheap food. There are so many fining dining restaurants along the seminyak area such as: La Luciola, Biku, The Junction, and sea circus.
  4. Watch the sunset at Uluwatu sea temple. Perched high atop a 70-metre cliff, with sweeping views of the Indian Ocean, the Uluwatu Temple is one of Bali’s best sea temples you can’t miss during your trip. It’s one of the six key Balinese temples that help to ward off evil, but that’s not its winning point as a prime tourist destination. Every day during sunset, crowds gather at the temple for a breathtaking view of the orange ocean reflecting the setting sun. Along with the Tanah Lot Temple, the Uluwatu Temple is one of the best places to be at during sunset.  And at that time, don’t forget to catch the Kecak dance performance at the temple.
  5. Sip on cocktails on the edge of a cliff at The Rock Bar. It’s a stunning bar located at ‘Ayana Resort’ on the end of a cliff overlooking the ocean. The sunset here is spectacular and really takes your breath away.  There’s usually a queue especially around sunset, this is mainly because quests of the resort get priority over visitors and the inclinator only takes 8 people at a time. Don’t let the queue deter you, it’s definitely worth the wait!


We have set out other exciting thing to do that will take you straight to the ‘can’t miss’ activities that scattered all over the magical island of Bali. Kindly download our insight travel companion to have further references.