Breakfast & Dining

This is a good opportunity to explore Balinese dishes. Guests at The Lodek Villas have a trained chefs on-call to prepare gourmet meals to order. Our extensive yet well-priced รก la carte menu, as we understand your desire to enjoy local flavors adjusted to western taste as well as the importance of quality and cleanliness in the fresh foods we present. We can cater in a modest and understanding way to special dietary needs, including gluten free and vegetarian cuisine with advance notice.

We offer a helpful suggestion menu of Indonesia and Balinese dishes tailored to western, but guests are encouraged to chat with the cheerful chef about any other fare they would like to try. The chef can competently accommodate special requests and adjust the seasoning of his dishes to suit different palates.

All food and beverage items are charged at cost price, plus an additional 15% government tax and service charge. Guests are requested to provide cash in advance; staff will then purchase the goods and keep receipts for reference. Costs are tallied up at the end of the stay, but can be checked on a day-to-day basis if preferred.

A little about our Kitchen

Our kitchen is located beside the livingroom with dinning set up with garden and pool view.  The Kitchen is equiped with basic kitchenware, dining set, refregerator, microwave, stove, and a dispenser. We cook your breakfast and meal from this kitchen and deliver it to your table with love.  Our pair of chefs, experienced in local, Asian and Western cuisine, are on hand to cook breakfasts, lunches and dinners on demand; and always happy to cater to guests’ special requests or dietary needs. If guests would like to fill the kitchen with food and beverage before arrival please contact our team to prepare them. 

Chef shop every time and buy your ingredients fresh from the Seminyak traditional market and Carrefour’s Supermarket. We don’t always have access to all western foods you know back home, but if there is something they cannot obtain you would like, you can try the Bintang Supermarket, Bali Deli or Gourmet Garage in Seminyak and we will do our best to incorporate it into our dishes for you with your guidance.

We also know that most of our guests do not like hot or spicy foods, so our menu especially Indonesian breakfast reflects this. Of course, if you do like spicy let us know and we will happily spice it up for you!


Guests are very welcome to buy their own beverages from Minimarket or Supermarket nearby the villa. Buying your own from a supermarket will be a bit cheaper than we can buy locally in minimarket. If guests would like to have some kinds of beverages to be prepared before arrival please contact us. 

Complimentary Drinks
Please enjoy these beverages at no charge:

Bali Coffee – We can serve this in a plunger, or if you are game, have it Bali style (we call it ‘Rocket Kopi’ here at the villa!) where the grounds are left in the cup and settle on the bottom. Typically drunk black with sugar but nice with a dash of milk as well.

Tea: Black tea with milk or lime.

Our ice is safely made at the villa with bottled water.


In the past Indonesia, being basically a Muslim country had polices that make alcohol expensive and hard to find. Now there are purposes built wine shops spread over most tourist areas. The Bali Deli and House of Wine may have the best selection but our recommendation is BT Wine (opp. The gas station on Jl.. Kunti). They do 15% discount, special and selection of reliable medium priced Chilean wine. The best find is Toko kawan , (Jl. Buni sari near Berno corner), cheap (around 25% less than Bali Deli) with some surprising wines. Please contact our manager to get guidance.

Due to climate, storage and transportation problems bottle variation regularly occurs (particularly in whites) so careful about expecting your favorite to be the same as home. Also Indonesia is a dumping ground for overseas export labels so don’t rely on the procedure reputation. Generally an acceptable bottle can be found for $40

Artisan wines are new to the scene and we often choose the chardonnay as a decent mid priced non special wine (about $30/bottle). Hattens is the main local winery; They get multiple vintages per year in north Bali. A slosh of the rose ($30) combines well with local food and it’s worth trying their jepun sparkle.

In 2008 Hatten’s released the “ Two Island” collection. The wines are the result of Australian fruit and local fermentation. The chardonnay is good. 11/09 Hatten;s Aga white is a dry variety made from Belgian grapes. It is really quite a palatable drop however it is quite a sweet wine but now is far more reliable due to the screw top. At IDR. 200.000,- it is a reasonable buy and should not be dismissed. PS Beware of Indico wines such as Singaraja Hills.

Regarding the local spirits such as mansion House and Robinson; buy a small bottle to try and if it’s OK then buy a big one. Unfortunately now that import duties on alcohol are strictly enforced the cost of bottle of Johnny Walker or Gordon is an exorbitant $80. This has lead to even more bars using cheap substitutes.

Arak, the local spirit distilled from rice is often used as a cocktail base e.g. in margaritas. Nothing wrong with it if disguised but careful, It kicks like a mule and really dehydrates the brain cells. Tuak is the signature booze for Balinese. It is generally made from the sap of flower buds. Tuak wayah is aged tuak and has more character.

Finally - high price do not guaranteed original spirit. A widely practiced scam involves restaurants and bars refilling original spirit bottle with inferior lower quality spirits.

Bintang (the mainstay), san Miguel Light and Carlsberg (made under license) are our preferred pilsner varieties.


Please order a day in advance

Please order the next day’s breakfast the day before, so that we can shop for fresh produce required. For breakfast however we will do our best to cater to different orders. Do allow us time to prepare our fresh food slowly … relax and enjoy whilst we prepare your meal with love. If you have special needs just share with us and we will be delighted to learn and adapt to make sure you are happy. You are on holiday – let us spoil you with our simple but heartfelt breakfast.

Special needs ? Please let us know if there is anything you cannot eat or prefer not to eat.

Breakfast is not included in the rates, since sometimes guests want to have them in restaurants nearby the villa within walking distance. However, if guest would like to enjoy breakfast at the villa, our team are happy to provide them with additional charged US$ 10 per guest.

Breakfast Menu
Your breakfast will be prepared by our team, so relax and enjoy! Most guest like to start with fresh fruits and might pair this with toast or perhaps a cooked option to follow. Let us know the evening before the time you would like breakfast (and in particular, tell us if you have a special early start for a tour or departure).


#Toast with butter, and Jam
# Eggs any style (fried, scramble, omelet with Cheese, boil or poach)
#Bacon and sausage
#Juice (Orange or Mango)
#Fresh fruit platter
#a cup of coffee or tea

#Toast with butter, jam & yoghurt just for cereal only
#Cereal (Cornflakes or coco pops) or Pancake (Strawberry, Chocolate, Honey)
#Juice (Orange or mango)
#Fresh fruit platter
#a cup of coffee or tea

#Fried rice
White rice fried with garlic, carrot, green beans, Tomato sauce, oyster sauce and sweet soya bean sauce
# Fried Noodle
Boil noodle fried with garlic, carrot, green beans, tomato sauce, oyster sauce and sweet soya bean sauce
#Egg any style (Fried, scramble or omelet)
#Juice (Orange or Mango)
#Fresh fruit platter
#a cup of coffee or tea



All price inlcuding10% government tax and 5% service charge


Private Chef Services

If you need a private Chef cook your meal at your own villa's kitchen, we have several experienced Chef that we can take from the village of Seminyak or Canggu. They are freelance chef and usually used by the villas around Canggu and Seminyak. The chef can prepare local foods, Indonesian, Asian, and western dishes in the villa’s modern kitchen or light up the barbeque on the sun terrace and delight you with smoky flavors.

The chef will cook your dishes from the menu or he will tailor meals according to your wishes. We buy seasonal foods, so forgive us if we can't obtain something out of season. We also know that most of our guests do not like hot or spicy foods, so our menu reflects this. Of course, if you do like spicy let us know and we'll happily spice it up for you!

By the way, to keep our kitchen well ordered, healthy and happy we prefer to do all the cooking. If you have special needs just share them with us and we'll be delighted to learn and adapt to make sure you are happy. You are on holiday – let us spoil you with our simple but heartfelt food.

Please order a day in advance
Chef is subject to availability, therefore advance order is preferred since we have to arrange the chef availability and we have to arrange the time to buy ingredients. Seafood lovers should ask the chef to prepare the local fishermen’s catch of the day on the villas barbeque. Chef sometime might not available, please forgive us if we could not arrange the chef due to peak season period.

Special needs?
Please let us know if there is anything you cannot eat or prefer not to eat.

Prices for private chef reflect the cost of ingredients and your special request plus 20% groceries. 

Rates for Private Chef in one time cooking

  • One Chef for 1- 6 person  IDR. 450.000
  • One Chef for 7-12 person  IDR. 600.000
  • For more people shall use more than 1 chef

Where to dine?
We serve dinner at your dining table in your private villa. 


Other Dining Options

Restaurants Near The Lodek Villas
There are many restaurants at Seminyak nearby  the villa within walking distances and it is also reachable by car or motorbike. Some of the restaurants at Seminyak are serving delivery for lunch and dinner. Please ask our villa staff for the menu.

Local Meals
If you are a seasoned traveler with a stomach very used to street foods, you might try the Kreneng night market for traditional fare. About 30 minutes drive from the villa. There are also some local warungs near the villa serving Lawar Kuwir (blend of duck meat and vegetable), Babi Guling (suckling pig) and the absolutely scrumptious Nasi Jenggo (Jenggo is Javanese for 'enjoy') from Seminyak. We stress all these 'local' dining options are only for those with a proven track record with street food.


Lunch & Diner Menu at The Lodek Villas 



  • SOTO AYAM KAMPUNG: Indonesia’s famed tumeric-scented chicken broth,with glass noodles,eggs,cabbage,celery and topped with fried potatoes.
  • SOP RAWON: East Javanese speciality. Succulent beef chunks in a fiery black broth. The dark colour cames from keluwak, a traditional spice use in both Indonesian and Peranakan cuisine.
  • SOP LABU: Pure pumpkin soap with cream and chopped parsley.
  • SOAP BUNTUT: Another Indonesian classic : nutmeg- flavoured oxtail in a light vegetable broth.
  • TOM YAM GUNG: A Tai favorite : distinctive hot and sour prawn soup, with fragrant herbs.
  • TOM YAM GAI: Literally “galangal chicken soup”. Kaffir lime,leaves and lemongrass provide aroma, while fried chillies add a slightly smoky, spicy taste without overwhelming the flavour.
  • CRAB AND SWEET CORN SOUP: A subtle pairing of flavour. Light yet nourishing.
  • POTATO AND LEEK CHOWDER: This Thick, hearty soup is almost a meal in it self.



  • CAESAR SALAD: Fresh romaine lettuce with crispy bacon, anchoives, croutons and dressing.
  • AVOCADO & SHRIMP COCKTAIL: Marinated shrimp with cocktail sauce.
  • GREEK SALAD: Fresh vegetables, black olive, top feta cheese and olive oil.
  • RICE PAPER ROLLS: Vietnamese-style spring roll filled with marinated shrimp and fresh vegetables.
  • THAI BEEF OR CHICKEN SALAD: Marinated grilled beef or chicken with vegetables on a bed of lettuce,served with lemongrass Thai dressing.
  • GADO-GADO: Classic Indonesian salad: a selection of lightly cooked vegetables with bean sprouts,tofu,egg and peanut sauce.
  • LUMPIA / POPIAH GORENG: Home –Made fried spring rolls with shredded vegetables served with a sweet/sour sauce.
  • MIXED GREEN SALAD: Fresh lettuce, cucumber, avocado and capsicum with home – made dressing.
  • GREEN PAPAYA SALAD: Fresh green papaya, long bean until tamarind palm sugar sauce.



  • MAGIBUNG: Traditional mixed Balinese food platter which includes : a selection of satay, shredded chicken, pork and Balinese vegetables salad served with our home-made chilli sambal and yellow rice.
  • AYAM / BEBEK BETUTU: Famed Balinese dish : a marinated chicken (“ ayam” ), or duck ( “ bebek” ) wrapped in banana leaves, is steamed then roasted. The unique flavour is further enhanced with a spiey Balines sauce.
  • AYAM PELALAH: Signature dish of shredded chicken tossed with chilli and lime.
  • SATE LILIT: Minced pork, chicken or seafood satay, wrapped around aromatic stalks of lemongrass.
  • SAMBAL BE TONGKOL: Filet of tuna prepared in a light marinade of lemon, garlic, salt and papper. Served with bongkot sauce ( galangal, chilli and lime).
  • URABAN: Mixed vegetables with grated coconut and fried shallots. A staple of Bali’s cuisine and a vegetarian favorite.



  • PEPES IKAN: Freshly – marinated fish, steamed in a banana leaf.
  • INDONESIAN KARE: Your choice of chicken, prawn,fish or tofu curry served with rice.
  • AYAM TALIWANG: From the neighbouring island of Lombok. Deeply piquant, this spicy fried or grilled chicken is cooked with terasi; belacan shrimp paste which brings out the richness of the chilli sauce.
  • SATE CAMPUR: Mixed sate : grilled beef,pork and chicken on bamboo skewers with peanut sauce.
  • NASI GORENG KAMPUNG: Traditional village – style fried rice with sate, fried chicken, acar ( pickles ) , shredded omelette,cabbage and carrot.
  • BEEF RENDANG: Tenderly – stewed beef in traditional Indonesian spices. Accompanied by daily market vegetables.



  • KOLOBAK: Fried pork dusted in wheat flour served with sweet & sour sauce.
  • KEPITING SAUS TIRAM or CHILLI CRAB: Sauteed crab with oyster sauce.
  • GARLIC PRAWNS: Selection of prawns, served in a lemon garlic sauce.
  • AYAM GORENG MENTEGA: Fried chicken with soya sauce.
  • SAPI JAHE DAUN BAWANG: Sauteed beef with mushroom and ginger sauce.
  • THAI RED DUCK CURRY: Succulent slices of roast duck in a richly aromatic, coconut – based curry sauce.
  • CAH KANGKUNG: Freshly –picked water spinach served in chilli and oyster sauce.
  • CAP CAY: Stir- fried mixed vegetables with chicken or pork.
  • MIE GORENG ( INDONESIAN FRIED NOODLE ): Fried noodles, with chicken and assorted vegetables.



  • ROLLED FISH & VEGETABLES: Marinated fish and vegetables rolls in a creamy basilicum sauce.
  • ROAST CHICKEN WITH MUSHROOM SAUCE: A simple, wholesome combination.
  • PAN FRIED FILLET OF SNAPPER: Market – fresh snapper served with lemon butter sauce.
  • BEEF STROGANOF: Slices of tender beef and fresh mushrooms cooked in a cream sauce.
  • CHICKEN GORDON BLEU: Rolled grilled chicken with ham and cheese. Served with a tomato based sauce for a slight twist on this classic dish.
  • SEAFOOD A LA NYOMAN: A selection of prswn, squid and fish. Garnished with Nyoman’s special tartar sauce.
  • CHICKEN PICATTA: Marinated chicken breast on a bed of spaghetti. A tomato – based sauce provides a fresh alternative to the traditional white wine reduction.
  • SPAGHETTI AL DENTE: With tomato concasse, bolognaise or carbonara.
  • PENNE GAMBERONI: With prawns, eggplant, zucchini and tomato concasse.
  • MIXED GREEN VEGETABLES: Seasonal selection, served as a side dish or vegetarian main course.


From the BBQ

  • SEAFOOD SKEWERS: Mixed skewers of snapper fillet, squid and prawn. Served with onion, bell pepper and mushroom.
  • GRILLED VEGETABLES: Fresh corn, eggplant, carrot & capsicum.
  • FRESH WHOLE SNAPPER: Caught that day in the seas of Bali.
    • Chicken breast or Drum stick
    • Beef steak
    • Pork cutlet or Rib
    • Lamb cho
    • Prawn
    • Lobster
    • Squid
    • Crab

To compliment your BBQ, we offer the following range of freshly – prepared sauces :
Lemongrass, Black pepper, BBQ, Butter garlic, Mushroom, Chilli tomato.



  • MONTE CRISTO: Variation of the croque – monsieur. Chicken, ham, cheese and tomato sandwiched between batter – dipped grilled bread.
  • CLUB BAGUETTE: Lettuce, pork, bacon, chicken, tomatoes, mayonnaise and cheese.
  • BLT: Strips of bacon, romaine lettuce and tomato, garnished with mayonnaise.
  • NORMAN SPECIAL: A triple – decker with lettuce, avocado, ham, cheese, chicken and tomato.

All sandwiches include salad and potatoes.



  • BUAH SEGAR SEMUSIM: Seasonal fresh fruits
  • FRUIT SALAD: Pineapple, apple, strawberry, melon, papaya and mint leaves.
  • DADAR GULUNG: Indonesian crepes filled with grated coconut and palm sugar.
  • KOLEK PISANG: Braised banana in a sweet, milky sauce of palm sugar and coconut milk.
  • COCONUT SOGO: Seed sogo pazola, coconut milk, grated with palm sugar and fruit speciality, scented pandanus.
  • APPLE CRUMBLE: With vanilla ice cream.
  • FRIED OR STEAMED BANANA: Served plain, with honey or with ice - cream.
  • CREAM CARAMEL: Rich custard dessert topped with a layer of caramel.
  • CHOCOLATE CAKE: Freshly baked by Nyoman.
  • JAJAN PASAR: A traditional assorted Balinese cake.
  • LOCAL ICE CREAM ( Vanilla,Chocolate, Strawberry)




  • Corn Cake
  • Rujak: Balinese fruit salad with spicy tamarind palm sugar sauce.


  • Gerang Asem: Fish vegetables soup with Balinese spice.

Main Course

  • Plain Rice.
  • Tutu Ayam: Farmed Balinese dish a marinated chicken wrapped in banana leaves, is steamed.
  • Sambel Be Tongkol: Fiilet of Tuna prepared in light with marinated of lemon, garlic with lemon grass sauce.
  • Sate Lilit: Minced pork satay wrapped around aromatic stalks of lemon grass.
  • Urapan: Blanch mixed vegetables with grated coconut, and fried shallots, A staple of Bali’s cuisine and vegetarian favourite.


  • Assorted Traditional Balinese Cake
  • Fresh Fruit slice




  • Gado – Gado with Peanut Sauce
  • Lumpia: Home – made deep fried vegetables spring rolls with sweet and sour sauce. 


  • Soto Ayam: Indonesian famed turmeric – scented chicken broth with vegetable, glass noodles and egg on top

Main Course

  • Fried Rice and Plain Rice
  • Beef Rendang: Tenderly – stewed beef in traditional spices.
  • Chicken anf Beef Satay: Chicken and Beef on bamboo skewers with peanut sauce.
  • Pepes Ikan: Freshly marinated fish, steamed in banana leaf.
  • Fried Chicken: With special Indonesian chilli sauce.
  • Cap cay:Indonesian Mixed Vegetables


  • Bubur Injin: Black rice pudding with Vanilla ice cream
  • Fresh Fruit




  • Breaded Calamary with Chilli Deef Sauce
  • Mixed green salad with Italian dressing
  • Garlic bread

Main Course

  • Plain rice
  • Parsley potato
  • Grill vegetables
  • BBQ seafood ( prawn, fish, squid )
  • Seafood Kebab
  • BBQ Meat:
    • Chicken ( Breast and Drumstick )
    • Beef Steak
    • Pork Rib

Condiment :

  • Lemon Garlic butter sauce
  • Lemon grass sauce
  • BBQ Sauce
  • Black pepper sauce
  • Sambal ( tomato & chilli sauce )


  • Fresh Fruit Seasonal
  • Chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream




  • Mango salad with spicy tamarind palm sugar

Main Course

  • Suckling Pig

Consist of:

  • Plain Rice
  • Ares ( Banana tree with bone soup )
  • Pork crackers
  • Sate Lilit ( Minced pork on skewers )
  • Lawar Bali ( Long bean, Young jackfruit,bean vegetables )


  • Kolak Pisang
  • Steam banana with palm sugar coconut milk sauce
  • Fresh Fruit Seasonal



We can purchase some other drinks

  • BEER ( Bintang, Bali Hai, Storm beer, Ect )
  • WINE ( Australian, France, Chilli, Ect )
  • SOFT DRINKS ( Coke, Lemonade, Ect ) SPIRITS ( Red or Black Label, Jim Beam, Vodka, Jack Daniel’s Ect )
  • LOCAL WINE ( Hatten, Rose Ect ) Other Local brews include TUAK ( farmented palm or coconut nectar, BREM ( a sweet wine made from sticky rice, and ARAK ( wich is distilled TUAK and packs quite punch.


  • Imported Beers, wines and spirit are available from supermarket and speciality stores intown,and can be ordered for you.
  • Do bear mind that imported wine in particular can be more exspensive than you may be used to paying in your own country, due to high import taxes.